CR TECH S.R.L. borns in 2019 to support our historical company CR Tubi S.r.l. based in Gargallo (NO). CR Tech S.r.l. was established to enlarge and provide a complete service to our customers.
Our facility is based in Gozzano (NO) and our core business is to manufacture high-quality components for engineering industry, automation and taps and fittings field.
Brass, Stainless steel, aluminium and bronze: CR tech machines every material starting from customer’s drawing by paying attention to each single request.


Professionalism, innovation, quality, efficiency: these values have always distinguished our company philosophy which is highly oriented to provide the highest level of excellence to all our customers. We also have another important goal: being considered promoters and guardians of Made in Italy in all our activities. This objective lead us to respond to the fast market changes where we combine lead-time, quality and service. These three last elements are now the key of the supplier/customer relationship. Our strength points are:


We offer our experience at the service of customers to create the product required. We cooperate closely with the customer to choose the best production technique combining the highest precision to competitive costs.


Thanks to our multi-uses machinery we can offer different mechanical processing simultaneously. The constant training of our team members and new technologies integration allow us to manufacture always more complex components.


Our prices are updated constantly based on the daily market evaluation of the raw material and are communicated through complete and transparent quotations.


We follow an accurate production planning to guarantee fast and on time deliveries. We can also manage important volumes based on annual forecasts.


Our company choice is to unify innovation, development and competitiveness to environmental sustainability.

We strongly believe that our future is linked to our own choices, for this reason in 2023 we have invested in a photovoltaic plant which is able to cover 70% of the entire company consume with 99,63 Kwp rated output.


High precision mechanical components machined by our CNC machines with automatic or manual process.

On request we can also provide additional services like surface treatments, small assemblies, parts packing with standard or bespoke packaging, finishes like chrome or galvanic treatments, painting, polishing and brushing.

mechanical processing

Starting from the drawing or sample, we study the technical feasibility of the product to submit the best economical proposal.
All the tools and moulds are now builded up and developed in house to respond quickly to all our customer’s expectations. This implementation allow us to be even more competitive in the market offering the widest technical service all in one company.
We are able to offer:
– Machining tools
– Clamps
– Polishing pliers
– Moulds
– CAD manufacturing



Fittings and parts production made in brass or stainless steel (spout ends, rings, bodies, adaptors, connectors) on customer’s drawing.


10 CNC machines with 4 and 5 axis and bars machining till Ø65 mm in automatic.
2 machining vertical centers.
Horizontal machining centers.



CAP. 28024 – GOZZANO (NO)
P.IVA 02616960031
TEL: +39.0322.076819